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Wednesday, 19 June 2019  7:13pm SA Time 
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The World's first Croc Cage Dive

Crocodile Cage Diving in OudtshoornForget Shark Cage Diving, the ultimate thrill has just been launched as a world first – Croc Cage Diving with 4 meter man-eating monsters! Cango Wildlife Ranch in Oudtshoorn has begun offering this experience to its visitors in time for the Christmas season.

Croc Cage Diving is the brainchild of Managing Director, Andrew Eriksen and as he explains it is based on the same principle as shark cage diving the main difference being that crocodiles see man as their natural prey, while sharks generally tend to treat humans with disdain. Brave visitors, 12 years and older, are lowered in a specially designed croc-proof cage into a crystal clear heated crocodile pool inhabited by five 4 meter Nile crocodiles. To make it accessible to all the Ranch’s visitors, divers dive with goggles and snorkels so that no scuba gear is needed. To prove that those brave enough have actually completed their dive, they are rewarded with an underwater photograph of themselves surrounded by carnivores.

Special consideration and planning went into creating the dive cage and crane system as crocodiles are incredibly powerful having a bite pressure of just over 2 tons per square inch whereas the Great White shark can only apply a pressure of about 500kg. Additionally, due to their man-eating habits the crocodiles spend their time sizing the cage diver up as a potential meal, so Croc Cage Diving is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Croc Cage Diving is part of the new Valley of Ancients development which commended in March this year and was completed at the end of November. As the second largest tourist attraction in the Southern Cape, the Ranch has embarked on an ambitious R10 million revamp which will be phased in over the next 5 years.

The launch of the all-new Valley of Ancients took place on 1 December 2005 with a gala event and of course Croc Cage Diving. Celebrity guests including Brendan Jack of Crazy Monkey fame successfully completed the first Croc Cage Dives ever.

The new development now incorporates a guided tour where your are invited to re- discover the secret paradise of the Valley of Ancients as you are transported back in time to when the earth was young, the ancients ruled and man and reptile were on equal footing.

Exotic Madagascar is your first stop where you have the privilege of spotting the rare ring-tailed lemur, sharing their habitat with pretty pink flamingos at Lemur Island. Vundu’s fine eats offer thirsty explorers delicious take-aways and drinks before you venture into Snapper Gorge. Brave visitors are invited to cross Snapper Gorge via a hang bridge suspended over the dreaded Croc Cage pool where 4-meter Nile crocodiles have taken up residency. This Gorge is also the only place in the world where you will have the thrilling opportunity of meeting these super predators face to face during a Croc Cage dive. Survivors receive a photo folder of their close encounter after the dive as proof of their bravery.

Continuing your journey you will stumble upon a Pygmy Village and be enticed into the heart of Africa where the impact of the indigenous Pygmy people on the Pygmy Hippos is evidenced. Following the trail past frolicking spotted neck otters and memorable Marabou Storks you will gasp at the sheer power of crocodiles and the bravery of the guides as these mighty beasts are encouraged to leap for their lunch at the Jumping Jaws pool.

The ever-popular Cheetahland now includes the only white tiger demonstrations on the African continent. Feel your skin break out in goose bumps as you witness the fascinating bond between the trainers and their rare white Bengal tigers during the Tiger Encounter Demonstration.

The Cango Wildlife Ranch has instigated a totally new phase in interactive tourism. Guests to the Ranch are invited to take part in our Supernatural Encounter Program that offers visitors the chance of a lifetime to interact with cheetahs, tigers, crocodiles and reptiles of all shapes and sizes (terms and conditions apply).

Cango Wildlife Ranch and the Valley of Ancients – for sheer thrills!


Phase One of Valley of Ancients is a remarkable feat not only for the Cango Wildlife Ranch but also for the tourism industry as a whole and most facilities would be satisfied with such an accomplishment, not Cango though. Construction of Phase Two of VOA will start in January 2006 and will include an underwater viewing tunnel, tropical mangrove jungle, water life show, a tiger auditorium, walkthrough aviaries and more endangered big cats.

Over the following five years the Cango Wildlife Ranch will receive the most dramatic facelift any local tourist attraction has ever undergone. Apart from Valley of Ancients the Ranch will have three restaurants and the current Turtles Restaurant will triple in size. A fast food venue for children as well as an interactive children’s playground are in the pipeline. Our tiger exhibit will be undergoing a metamorphosis into an Indian temple and pavilion for visitors to enjoy our Tiger Encounters.

Valley of Ancients and the new developments at the Cango Wildlife Ranch is one of the biggest tourist investments ever made in the town of Oudtshoorn. Our developments will not only increase the number of tourists to our town but are also creating much needed and sustainable job opportunities for the people of Oudtshoorn.

Source: Cango Wildlife Ranch

  Article Date: 7 December 2005


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The liquorice plant grows wild in the Cango valley, but nowhere else in South Africa does this occur.

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