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World of Klein Karoo
KLEIN KAROO GROUP           www.kleinkaroo.com            SUMMER 2006

From the farm to Paris

THE KLEIN KAROO Group has for many years supplied the Moulin Rouge with ostrich feathers. This well-known night spot in Paris, established in 1889, is a reflection of true French tradition: champagne, music, beautiful women and, of course, the most exquisite feather costumes! [read more]

Fabulous Ostrich Leather

It is exotic, it is rare, it is exquisite. And sheer luxury.

WHEN IS FURNITURE not just furniture? When it’s upholstered in the richly textured luxury of ostrich leather! The statement this leather makes separates the exceptional from the ordinary. Ostrich leather does not only have visual appeal; the silky warm feel and rounded pearls demand to be touched. This is an extraordinary material. [read more]

Paris Fashion Week

TWO OF SOUTH Africa’s greatest fashion assets hit Paris simultaneously on the same catwalk.

One was Gavin Rajah, the first South African ever invited to show at the Paris Fashion Week held recently. The other was the ostrich whose hide features in Rajah’s exquisite new range. His new creations are currently making an impact on the international glamour scene. [read more]

Madame Picasso’s dream handbag

Madeline Laurence, one of the three curators of the Picasso Museum in Paris, recently visited South Africa during the much-discussed Picasso in Africa art exhibition. Anet Pienaar-Vosloo, well-known journalist of Media24, met Madeline in Cape Town and later interviewed her in Paris. [read more]

Ostrich leather redefines automotive interior luxury

THE WORLD’S OSTRICH leather pioneer, KLEIN KAROO International (KKI), perfected the transformation of nature’s rare gift – Struthio camelus. Ostrich leather continues to enhance and enrich the lives of discerning people.

For years, ostrich leather has been used in the world’s finest haute couture creations. Now the natural beauty and exquisite qualities of ostrich leather add the same exclusivity to luxury motor vehicle interiors. [read more]

Duster market grows

“AT KLEIN KAROO International feather dusters division a turnabout in duster manufacturing approximately a year ago led to new heights in this historic industry.  [read more]

Versatile ostrich feathers

Ostrich feathers are elegant, stylish and very versatile, and for this reason its uses are limitless.

Emsie Schoeman, well-known South African author and public speaker, described her recent visit to the KLEIN KAROO Ostrich Boutique in Oudtshoorn as “sensational”. [read more]

Blue Ostrichmenu a hit at Cango Caves

AN INTERNATIONAL TOURIST attraction, the Cango Caves, and the world’s foremost supplier of ostrich meat, KLEIN KAROO, have joined forces to offer tourists an unforgettable experience. The first Blue Ostrich menu was launched earlier this year and is already a well-established part of a tourist’s visit to the Cango Caves near Oudtshoorn. The menu consists only of KLEIN KAROO ostrich products.  [read more]

Ostrich meat - the healthy alternative


The current Like-It-Lean range of ready-to-eat meals features a delicious KLEIN KAROO ostrich goulash full of spicy flavour as well as a tasty ostrich burger that is high in protein and iron. These easy meals offer you health, taste and sheer convenience! It is ready within minutes and allows people on the go to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  [read more]

KLEIN KAROO and SPUR join forces

SPUR, ONE OF South Africa’s well-known steakhouse franchises, selected KLEIN KAROO ostrich meat as one of three kebabs offered during their recent nationwide kebab promotion. This special offer included one beef, one chicken and one healthy, tasty ostrich kebab. [read more]

Ostrich biltong - the treat with a kick!

KLEIN KAROO INTERNATIONAL (KKI) Ostrich Meat added spice to the u/13 primary schools Craven Week hosted in Oudtshoorn. KLEIN KAROO, together with the international sponsor, Coca-Cola, acquired exposure rights for the duration of the week’s rugby and television transmissions. [read more]

Sought after springbok from the Karoo

“GEE MY SPRINGBOKBILTONG, gee my boerbeskuit, gee my lekker koffie en los die ander uit.” So goes the familiar Afrikaans ditty, indicating that springbok biltong is all you really need. In the KarooCuisine basket, tasty springbok goulash, shank and stews have been added stylishly to the traditional biltong favourite.  [read more]

Zebra and Springbok beauty is truly skin-deep

Beautiful, natural and always unique. From the outstanding scenic beauty of the robust African planes comes an extraordinary and unique ethnic lifestyle. Contributing to this experience is an attractive and versatile range of processed springbok and zebra hides.  [read more]

Growth expected for Seed and Trade

NEW MARKET DEVELOPMENT and greater demand for specialist products had positioned KLEIN KAROO Seed for new opportunities during the past year.

“The year 2005/2006 was regarded as the most difficult in South African agriculture in the past decade. According to the South African National Seed Organisation (SANSOR), sales of vegetable seed were 15% lower than in the previous year while maize seed sales dropped by 45%,” said David Malan, general manager: KLEIN KAROO Seed. [read more]

Traceability allows no room for flaws

Traceability is the result of meticulous record keeping.

THE KLEIN KAROO is an ideal region for cultivating vegetable seed. For this reason, clients all over the world approach KLEIN KAROO Seed for their seed multiplication needs. The mother seed, which comes from the client, is given to seed producers who then multiply the seed strictly in accordance with contractual requirements. [read more]

Seed laboratory a key to quality

Before KLEIN KAROO Seed export or deliver seed to our clients locally or internationally, it is subjected to a series of laboratory tests to ensure top quality. These tests are carried out locally in the KLEIN KAROO Seed Laboratory.

The KLEIN KAROO Seed Laboratory is fully equipped and compares well with the best in South Africa. The advantage of having this facility right on your doorstep is that test results are available sooner and communication between the relevant parties can take place more effectively. [read more]

This lucern cultivar a winner

KLEIN KAROO SEED Marketing is the exclusive distributor of WL 414, a lucern (alfalfa) cultivar that has proudly assumed its place among better known counterparts.

WL 414 fares excellently compared to the popular SA Standard cultivar in terms of yield, nutritional value, grazing, and drought and louse resistance. [read more]

Green gold for ostrich and stock industries

New quality and grading system for lucern hay introduced.

After various workshops and technical meetings with nutritionists and role players in the industry, it was decided to introduce a lucern (alfalfa) hay scheme for the industry. Although it is a voluntary scheme, those who join will have to meet certain requirements. [read more]

Ostrimed: One-stop specialist service

The KLEIN KAROO Group succeeded in bringing its ostrich medication and veterinary services closer to the producer when it took occupation of an existing building on the Group’s main premises in Oudtshoorn. The Group’s one-stop animal pharmacy and ostrich health services are now known as Ostrimed. [read more]

Oudtshoorn’s WAS celebrates its 65th anniversary

The Women’s Agricultural Society (WAS) branch in Oudtshoorn is celebrating its 65th anniversary this year. The spirit in which this organisation was launched all those years ago, still prevails at monthly meetings as the approximately 35 women pursue their interest in baking, cooking, handcraft and other virtues. However, this organisation is not only for superwomen who know everything about catering and home craft. It also accommodates those who want to master the finer details of baking and cooking. There’s a great deal they can teach you - from the youngest member aged 43 to the oldest aged in her eighties! [read more]

Ostrich, Super-bird!

“With ostrich you can go far,” says Marissa Badenhorst (8), a Grade 2 learner at Risiville Primary School, Vereeniging, Gauteng. She chose the ostrich as the subject of a speech competition and sent KLEIN KAROO a video recording of her presentation. According to Marissa’s mom, Hester, who helped with the research, Marissa not only won the hearts of the judges, but also educated them on the unique qualties of the ostrich.  [read more]

Mountain bikes roar in the Klein Karoo

The fourth Seweweekspoort Mountain-bike Challenge was held in October in the picturesque Ladismith area of the Klein Karoo. Cyclists from all over the country tackled the murderous 78km route in the shadow of the highest peak in the Western Cape. The contestants took off early in the morning from Amalienstein, and Ladismith High School once again served as end-post of the Seweweekspoort race. This beautiful mountain pass through the Klein Swartberg links the Klein and Great Karoo.  [read more]


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