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World of Klein Karoo
KLEIN KAROO GROUP           www.kleinkaroo.com            SUMMER 2007

Handbags full of beauty

OSTRICH LEATHER KEEPS UP with the times. It is modern, fresh and compatible with the latest fashions, yet timeless and durable. It is a favourite among the world’s leading fashion houses and manufacturers of fashion accessories. It is a woman’s best friend. For hundreds of years the handbag was used solely as a “work bag”, made of a wide variety of materials and in different styles, depending on the wearer’s social status. After the First World War the corset disappeared from the fashion scene and women could enjoy more physical freedom. [read more]

Department plays major role in the industry

As a world leader, the South African ostrich industry needs to ensure that standards are set and maintained, but the industry cannot do this on its own. It is dependent on the South African Department of Agriculture, especially in terms of meat exports. The ostrich industry’s international trading partners, such as the EU countries, have stringent animal-health and food-safety standards and prescribed procedures that has to be met. [read more]

Innovation paves the way

THE ANTEPRIMA EXHIBITION in Milan, Italy, is a meeting-place for all the who’s who of the fashion world. Innovation is what drives selection for this show. Only manufacturers of leather, synthetic materials, fashion accessories and shoes whose creative ideas are a cut above the rest will qualify to exhibit their products here.  [read more]

It’s not inside! It’s on top!

JUST AS WONDERFUL as it would be to enjoy your favourate fruit, freshly picked and juicy ripe every day of the month, it is now possible to take tasty KarooCuisine shanks from your kitchen shelf and serve them any day of the year. With the latest food technology KarooCuisine’s delicious, tender lamb shanks can be stored for almost a year in a moderate environment at 25 °C on a shelf, rather than in the fridge or freezer. [read more]

Ostrich: the exotic taste on modern menus

“OSTRICH MEAT IS exotic. It is entirely in a class of its own and can be correctly classified as a typical South African product,” says Letitia Prinsloo, founder and principal of the Institute of Culinary Arts (ICA) at Spier Wine Estate near Stellenbosch, Western Cape. There is a vibrant and growing groundswell of interest in food, and the ICA is at the cutting edge of training and developing chefs to cater for every aspect of the culinary arts. [read more]

Carnival in Rio

THE TITLE OF champion is enough! There is no special prize for the winner. However, the celebrations, dancing, colour and mirth, thousands and thousands of ostrich feathers and long days of fun and music make the street carnivals of South America an unforgettable experience. For thousands of years people have been adorning themselves and dancing to pay tribute to their gods. This is also the reason why the Roman Catholic Church recognises the world-renowned Rio Street Carnival as an official celebration that takes place 40 days before the fast which precedes Easter. [read more]

Ostrich biltong soon available country-wide

Tasty ostrich biltong will soon be launched countrywide under the KLEIN KAROO banner. Although KLEIN KAROO’s ostrich biltong has for decades been offered for sale at the Group’s own agri supermarkets and butchers and is also packaged by Woolworths, this popular snack has never been marketed under the Group’s own trademark in the retail sector.
“In our choice of recipes for the new KLEIN KAROO biltong range we focused specifically on the consumer patterns of biltong and droëwors lovers and are fully aware of their preferences.  [read more]

AQUA-WEED ensures excellent plant growth

AFRIGRO AQUA-WEED promotes healthy root growth, exuberant foliage and quality flowers and fruit. AQUA-WEED IS A dry, concentrated water-soluble seaweed extract and serves as a highly effective growth stimulant for agricultural crops and home gardens. AQUA-WEED is manufactured from Ascophyllum or brown kelp which is found in the cold North-Atlantic Ocean and the Russian Arctic Ocean. Given the legion of nutrients it contains, it is harvested on a large scale for use in speciality fertilisers and health supplements for people. [read more]

Bees are key to good seed production

BEES ARE INDISPENSABLE as pollinators of fruit trees, vegetable seed and sunflowers. This insect is the key to a successful crop. For vegetable seed growers in South Africa, the months of October and November are very important – this is pollination time. The outcome of months of hard work (two years in the case of onion seed) and high input costs depends on the work of the honey-bee during these two months.
Many vegetable seed growers and advisers know the frustration caused by poor pollination or bees that don’t do their work. [read more]

Suitability of new cultivars well evaluated

For every vegetable and maize grower it is of vital importance to achieve the best yield for every field. The agronomists and technicians of K2Agri, one of the latest trademark additions to KLEIN KAROO Seed:Marketing, do everything possible to ensure producers of the best products and service. Continual experimentation and evaluation is a prerequisite in the competitive seed industry. K2Agri is KLEIN KAROO Seed’s trade mark for agricultural and grazing crops. [read more]

Irrigation is worth gold to the producer

“IRRIGATION PLANNING IS AN ART. In the long term an inappropriate design could cost the client a lot of money, resulting in unsuccessful production and water wastage,” says Jan Koegelenberg of KLEIN KAROO Irrigation. In the Little Karoo, where water is not only scarce but reservoirs are few and far between, irrigation management on the farm is vital. The work done by the KLEIN KAROO Group’s irrigation team forms the main artery of each client’s farming operation. [read more]

Agri Klein Karoo is best in Western Cape

Each member’s co-operation is essential and much appreciated The local district agricultural association (DAA), Agri Klein Karoo (AKK), was named the most effective association in the Western Cape this year. The chairman of AKK, Hein Jonker, accepted the trophy for this outstanding achievement at the Agri Western Cape Annual Congress held at the Goudini spa near Worcester. All the agri-associations in the Little Karoo, the majority of whose members are also producers of the KLEIN KAROO Group, are affiliated with the AKK. [read more]

First LandMark opens in Ladismith

SHOPPING WILL NEVER be the same again in Ladismith. The KLEIN KAROO Group’s Ladismith trade branch recently became part of the new national concession group that makes shopping in rural towns a friendly and hassle-free experience. LandMark Ladismith is a first for the Western Cape and is also the very first LandMark in South Africa that specifically serves a farming community. [read more]

Learn from the past and diversify

Diversification – the art is not to put all your eggs in one basket. “WE HAVE A UNIQUE industry of which we can be justly proud. The relationships and systems that have been established in recent years bring responsibilities but also reduce our risks considerably. We must learn from the mistakes of the past and ensure that we do not repeat them.” Thus says Viljee Keller, chairman of the South African Ostrich Business Chamber (SAOBC), the Western Cape Ostrich Producers’ Association (WCOPA), the South African Ostrich Organisation (SAOO) and the SA Lucern Trust. [read more]

Ostrich industry part of trade mission to Moscow

The South African Department of Trade and Industry recently undertook an extensive trade mission to Moscow. Anton Kruger, chief executive officer of the South African Ostrich Business Chamber (SAOBC), was part of the mission. The department had invited 26 commodity branches and commodity organisations to look into the market potential for different South African products in Russia. The SAOBC found that a segment of Moscow’s 10 million people had a need for healthy meat. Ostrich meat could help to meet this demand. [read more]

The Klein Karoo is well suited for olives

WITH A WORLD-WIDE shortage of olive oil, it is not strange that olive oil production is becoming very attractive to producers in the Little Karoo region. This region’s Mediterranean climate, winter rainfall and hot, dry summers are ideal for growing olives. Although the South African olive industry has made great advances in the past 10 years in terms of cutting- edge farming technology and oil-extracting and blend- ing methods, producers are still unable to meet local demand.  [read more]

Jurie Schoeman: Klein Karoo pioneer says farewell

One of the pioneers of the modern ostrich industry and an experienced wine-maker, Jurie Schoeman of the farm Excelsior at Vlakteplaas, passed away on 19 September. He was 79 years old. Jurie led by example on his farm and in the community. In his younger days Jurie played a leading role in the ostrich and wine industry and remained an active producer of the KLEIN KAROO Group until the end. He also served on the board of the Group from 1979 to 1996. [read more]

Meerkats are very valuable to farmers

OUDTSHOORN IS WELL-KNOWN for its ostriches but recently the wild meerkats of this area became the new super stars on BBC and Discovery Channel. They are also the latest tourist attraction of the Klein Karoo. The Kansa fossilized river bed, home of the Meerkat Magic Conservation Project, is an area well suited for these shy animals unique to Africa. This project, steered by Grant McIlrath, is the only one in the world where wild meerkats are studied up close. None of the study animals are ever fed, captured or handled. [read more]

Farming and tourism – a successful combination

(Eco-tourism and farming – a lucrative combination, provided that you identify and exploit the possibilities offered by your piece of earth in this beautiful part of the country).
IN THE PAST few decades the Klein Karoo has been developing to its full potential as a guest-farm destination. The natural beauty and diverse game species found here attract thousands of tourists. As one of only 21 international floral conservation areas, the environment is also of great interest to succulent plant lovers. [read more]


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