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World of Klein Karoo
KLEIN KAROO GROUP           www.kleinkaroo.com            WINTER 2007

Lamb shanks now exported

KAROOCUISINE EXPORTED ITS first lamb shank order to the United Kingdom during March. “Our British client says the UK catering industry, in particular, is very impressed with these shanks – especially in the traditional English pubs,” says Ankie Stroebel, marketing manager at KarooCuisine.  [read more]

Fathers and sons learn from one another about vegetable seed

THE KLEIN KAROO region boasts approximately 15 father-and-son teams who farm together successfully, with vegetable seed farming being one of their farming operations. For the purpose of this article, only five of the father-and-son winning combinations have been selected. Like most other successful teams, they are all growers for KLEIN KAROO Seed Production.  [read more]

Switch to Ostrich…lean, tasty red meat

IN TODAY’S HEALTH-CONSCIOUS world ostrich is part of a balanced diet. It allows the meat lover the pleasure of a great steak or fillet in the full knowledge that it is, in fact, a healthy choice.  [read more]

Ostrich meat is here to stay

SOUTH AFRICANS ARE crazy about ostrich meat. They are health-conscious and prefer the exceptional taste of ostrich. Proof of this is the escalation in meat sales in recent months. In some large urban supermarkets consumers observed how ostrich sausage, fillets and steaks “disappeared” from the shelves within hours. Procurement managers of well-known chain groups agree that ostrich meat is here to stay. In some city supermarkets three weeks’ stock of KLEIN KAROO ostrich meat was sold out over a weekend.  [read more]

KarooCuisine wraps up co-packaging deal

KAROOCUISINE AND MASTERFOODS are stirring up a storm in the kitchen with Royco’s new Pour Over sauces. These two food processing companies are co-operating in the preparation and packing of Royco’s new innovative sauce range recently launched into the South African market.  [read more]

KLEIN KAROO Abattoir receives HACCP certificate

The annual HACCP audit at KLEIN KAROO Abattoir in Oudtshoorn, which was conducted by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABC), took place in September 2006. Thanks to the continued dedication of all members of the KLEIN KAROO Abattoir’s team, their HACCP certification was renewed.  [read more]

Ostriswell is first in Western Cape

OSTRISWELL, THE KLEIN KAROO Group’s ostrich and sheep abattoir at Swellendam, is the first abattoir in the Western Cape to receive the SABS stamp of approval to do business as an HACCP SANS 10330: 2006 enterprise.  [read more]

Traceability:The mark of the ostrich

The expression “Measure to manage” assumes new meaning at the KLEIN KAROO Tannery. While ostriches are still on the farm, they are marked with the producer’s number.

From the abattoir the skin is sent to the tannery. Here a microchip is implanted into the skin and the particulars of the producer and the ostrich are captured electronically on the microchip. The ostrich skin, still containing the microchip, is then tanned, dyed and processed into sought-after quality leather.  [read more]

Ostrich on catwalk at Russian Fashion Week

THE RUSSIAN FASHION WEEK welcomed South African fashion designers for the first time this year. In answer to their exclusive invitation, Malcolm Kluk and Christiaan Gabriel du Toit, two Cape Town based designers, decided to introduce KLEIN KAROO ostrich leather to Mother Russia. According to Malcolm the Russians are fascinated by this exotic leather.  [read more]

Tannery remains a world-class plant

The KLEIN KAROO Tannery was officially recognised for meeting the high standards of the ISO 14001: 2004 environmental management system.

This system stipulates that companies must control all activities, products and services that may have an impact on and could damage the environment.  [read more]

Feathers packaged for worldwide distribution

In KLEIN KAROO International: Feathers’ store for market-ready merchandise, ostrich feathers are carefully packaged and then despatched according to each client’s order. This team of valued employees are the last people in the value-adding chain to handle the feathers before they are sent to clients locally and abroad.  [read more]

Gilles de Binche Carnival

THE SMALL TOWN of Binche in Wallonia, a French speaking province of Belgium, is famous for its fascinating annual carnival or Gilles de Binche.

The carnival takes place in February during the three days before Ash Wednesday. Mardi Gras or ‘Plentiful Tuesday’ is the final day and most interesting part of a three day, very structured street celebration. The people of Binche still follow the same age-old tradition dating back to 1549.  [read more]

Success for Agri Entrepreneurs

“ENTREPRENEURS WHO WISH to put their hand to the plough, have access to a lot of information, but here at the new Klein Karoo Agri Skills Centre or ‘incubator’, we walk the entrepreneur through the process step by step,” says Herschel Witbooi, the project manager.  [read more]

Ten bursaries for talented students

THEIR DREAMS NOW have wings! This year the KLEIN KAROO Group in Oudtshoorn offered 10 promising students the opportunity to develop their talents at tertiary level. For financial reasons it would otherwise not have been possible for them to study at a university.  [read more]

They like it lean

The KarooCuisine Cycling Team in Midrand, Gauteng like themselves lean. That is sufficient reason for their dedication and commitment to regular and very relaxing cycling outings. Quite a number of the team members competed in and completed the challenging Cape Argus Tour recently. This is one of South Africa’s toughest races. Earlier they have all successfully completed the 10th Highveld 94.7 cycling event – an even tougher one. This race boasted 30 000 health-conscious cycling enthusiasts from around the globe.  [read more]

Sweet is the fruit of their labour

WHERE THERE IS a will, there is a way. And when there is very little water, a farmer has to make a plan. Apart from ostriches, lucern and vegetable seed production, the Little Karoo region is also ideal for growing sweet melon and watermelon. Two families in the Calitzdorp district who have been producing honey-sweet watermelons and sweet melon for longer than a decade, are Jaco and Cornelle Meiring, and André and Betheldo Krause.  [read more]

Workshop team keeps the farm wheels rolling

“WE ARE HAPPY to oblige, and if we don’t have it, we will get it as soon as possible.” This is the undertaking given by KLEIN KAROO Mechanisation in Oudtshoorn.

This division of the KLEIN KAROO Co-operative strives to provide agricultural producers and other clients with assistance and peace of mind with regard to farming and vehicle accessories. The co-op’s sales staff and mechanics are brisk, friendly and efficient when it comes to selling and repairs of all farm implements, the producer’s workhorse truck or 4x4, and even vehicles belonging to Mom and the kids.  [read more]

Small but cheeky!

Are we hallucinating or have ostriches shrunk? This adult SA Black male, which stands barely a meter high in his feather-and-leather socks, lives with his equally small mate on the Highgate Ostrich Show Farm at Volmoed outside Oudtshoorn. It is not known how old they are. According to the owner of Highgate, Alex Hooper, they are popular with tourists. “They are cheeky and take no nonsense from bigger ostriches. The male kicks challengingly at anyone who approaches.”  [read more]

Leather and feathers for Joost and Amor

The celebrity couple, Joost van der Westhuizen and Amor Vittone, concluded their visit to the ABSA Klein Karoo National Arts Festival (KKNK) 2007 with a visit to the KLEIN KAROO Ostrich Boutique in Oudtshoorn.

The bubbly personality of Amor, who performed at various concerts, drew the attention of ostrich farmers. “Joost, as former Springbok captain and world-class scrumhalf, focused the eyes of international rugby fans on South Africa just as KLEIN KAROO’s ostrich feathers and leather still do today.  [read more]

Krogman cooks up a storm in an ostrich potjie

The well-known television chef and former Springbok athlete, Andries Krogman, kept the pot on the boil at the Weg/Go! magazine’s lapa during the recent ABSA Klein Karoo National Arts Festival in Oudtshoorn. For his cooking demonstrations, he served, amongst other dishes, a KLEIN KAROO ostrich neck potjie, gourmet ostrich fillet, kebabs and sausages.  [read more]

Reunion of former KLEIN KAROO Board members

There were many familiar faces when a number of former directors and general managers of the KLEIN KAROO Group were recently entertained by the Board and Group Executive. “You can only know where you are heading if you recognise and know where you come from. For this reason it is a privilege to see so many of our farmer and non-farmer pioneers again.  [read more]


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