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World of Klein Karoo
KLEIN KAROO GROUP           www.kleinkaroo.com            WINTER 2008

Couture Genius Steps Away

THE FASHION WORLD has lost one of its most creative sons. The legendary Yves Saint Laurent passed away in his Paris home on June 1st.

Laurent has been heralded as “one of the greatest French fashion designers of the 20th century”.  [read more]

A Duet of Python and Ostrich

Pythons from the marshlands of Burma and ostriches from the semi-desert Klein Karoo produce a beautiful duet of texture with their exotic leather. The skins of different python species are processed by Camexo, the KLEIN KAROO Group’s tannery in Port Elizabeth. [read more]

Leg skins to show off withalways

A GOOD PAIR of legs have always been a sight for sore eyes! The long slender legs of the ostrich is no exception. When you see the wide variety of colours and finishes in KLEIN KAROO International’s (KKI) leg skin range, you will instantly fall in love with this unique leather.

Ostrich leg skins remind one of crocodile leather. It also comes as somewhat of a surprise that when leg skins are compared to body leather, there is a considerable difference. [read more]

Manage to Win

“GOOD HOUSEKEEPING ON the factory floor involves more than clean floors and dusting of the equipment. The most critical part of industrial housekeeping is order. This contributes to higher and safer production of better quality products at lower cost.

“At KLEIN KAROO International (KKI) we believe that continuous professional attention to the quality of our ostrich leather is a prerequisite for sustained international success. This forms the basis of the inclusive management plan followed at our tannery in Oudtshoorn,” said KKI: Leather general manager, Wim van Rooyen. [read more]

Food Evangelist Believes in Ostrich

“IT IS COMMONLY known that I am a great fan of ostrich meat. Whenever and wherever I get the chance, I don my hat as “Food Evangelist” and sing the praises of KLEIN KAROO ostrich meat.

I find that most South Africans are a bit cautious of ostrich meat because they do not know how to prepare it. Most people overcook ostrich – and then have the cheek to say it is dry and tasteless! To them I say, “Come for a few lessons”. [read more]

Health is a Heart Issue

HEART DISEASE IS the number one cause of disability world-wide. In South Africa, more than half of the deaths that occur between the ages of 35 and 64 are due to cardiovascular disease. According to Heart Disease in South Africa, a report by the University of Cape Town’s Department of Medicine, “this figure is proportionally higher than in the United States and is set to increase by 41% before 2030”.  [read more]

Food Hygiene is a Way of Life

“TO PROVIDE THE CONSUMER WITH safe, sound and wholesome meat.” This is the motto of all role players within the KLEIN KAROO ostrich meat production chain.

At KLEIN KAROO International (KKI) food safety is non-negotiable. By applying a quality management system which focuses specifically on food safety it is possible to produce high quality meat products on a daily basis. KLEIN KAROO management are not the only ones striving for optimum food hygiene. It is in fact a philosophy adhered to by all employees. [read more]

Meat Exports in the Best of Hands

DAILY MONITORING OF temperatures, hygiene and the integrity of KLEIN KAROO International’s (KKI) ostrich meat at export cold storage facilities plays an important part in ensuring that meat lovers across the world have peace of mind.

This is the task of state veterinarian Dr Niek Naudé and his team at the import and export control offices of the National Department of Agriculture in the Customs Building at the Waterfront in Cape Town. [read more]

Passionately Focused on Seed

“ON THE FARM Buffelbosrivier just outside Oudtshoorn Jannie Lategan is running a small, yet very specialised agricultural enterprise. No doubt he is one of the best seed producers in the Klein Karoo. His focused approach ensures him of a better than average onion seed crop of an extremely high quality, as well as an excellent income relative to the size of his farm,” says Pieter Burger, seed advisor at KLEIN KAROO Seed Production, who has witnessed Jannie’s progress over the past ten seasons. [read more]

Make More Money with Watermelons

SUMMER TIME IS festival and watermelon time in sunny South Africa! From early December the watermelon fields between Oudtshoorn and De Rust are astir. It is a hive of activity as Amie Snyman and his team harvest the revolutionary new F1 hybrid watermelon varieties from KLEIN KAROO Seed’s (KKS) Afrigro range. These are beautiful honey-sweet watermelons ripened early to ensure the very best prices. [read more]

Group Exceeds R1 Billion Turnover

FOR THE FIRSTtime since its establishment the KLEIN KAROO Group exceeded the R1 billion mark in 2007. The results for the financial year were announced at the Annual General Meeting of the Group at the end of 2007.

The Group has shown a net profit of R25.6 million before taxation in severely difficult operational conditions in comparison to R20.5 million during the previous book year. Payments to the value of R18 million were made to producers.  [read more]

New Ostrich Feathers for Chateau de Versailles

KING LOUIS XIV, the flamboyant “Sun King”, and Queen Marie-Antoinette moved into the Chateau de Versailles in 1682. Shortly after completion of the building, St. Simon made the odd remark that the King “only built a little cardboard castle so that he would no longer have to sleep on his bed of straw” upon which the King at once acquired golden four-poster beds for both him and his Queen, the canopies of which were decorated with ostrich feather arrangements on each of the four corners. [read more]

Soap Made from Ostrich Oil

Handmade soap from ostrich oil smells great and feels wonderful on your skin. High in Omega 3, 6 and 9, the ostrich oil is also non-comedogenic, meaning that it does not clog pores.

In ancient times ostrich oil was used as a cosmetic. It was effective in the treatment of burns, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin and many other ailments.  [read more]

Paris in Love with Feather Boas

Paris Hilton, well-known American model, singer and actress, proudly shows off the two KLEIN KAROO feather boas she has received during her recent visit to South Africa.

As part of a publicity tour, Paris paid a visit to the Jakaranda Children’s Home in Pretoria where she was the guest of honour at their annual Women’s Day.  [read more]

Pioneering Lady Sets the Trend for Lovely Boas

CAROL GISELA BARRON is the mother of the modern KLEIN KAROO ostrich feather boa. In the late 1950s this young lady mastered the art of boa-making, learning valuable lessons on behalf of the fashion industry. It was in their garage where Carol started experimenting with dyeing the feathers. Her breakthrough laid the foundation for the Oudtshoorn ostrich feather industry.  [read more]

Grapes Require Close Attention

“GRAPE PRODUCTION AND SPECIFICALLY TABLE GRAPES require intensive nurturing and the producer’s personal stamp. One of KLEIN KAROO’s producers who has already left his mark on the grape export market is Riaan Steyn. For him and his wife Liza and their children Anke (10), Cara (8) and baby Lisa, Sipreslaan Towervallei (Pty) Ltd is a way of life. Their farm is situated about 10 km to the west of Ladismith along the Laingsburg road at the foot of the picturesque Towerkop. [read more]

Klein Karoo Sun Shines on Dried Fruit

ALONG THE WELL-KNOWN R62 tourist route between Ladismith and Barrydale you will find the world-famous Ronnie’s Sex Shop – which is the landmark to look out for before you turn off to some of the most successful fruit producers and members of the KLEIN KAROO Group. Approximately nine kilometres further along this road you will spot a sun-baked blue corrugated iron roof. This is the JBF Fruit processing plant where tasty dried fruit from the Little Karoo region is processed for the local and international markets. [read more]

Farmworker of the Year Awarded

Koos Meiring grew up on the farm Diepkloof of J.W. van der Westhuizen between De Rust and Barandas. He started working here. Koos wanted to improve his standard of living and qualified as a welder to establish his career. Koos returned to the farm where he grew up and started as a farmworker. He quickly advanced and was included in the managerial team where he makes a valueable contribution on middle managerial level.  [read more]

KLEIN KAROO again one of the best

The KLEIN KAROO Group in Oudtshoorn has been appointed one of South Africa’s Top 300 companies again. The nominations are done annually by Top Performing Companies, an influential national business publication. More than 3 000 companies in 150 business sectors are analysed. According to the editor of the publication, Dick Fletcher, “the KLEIN KAROO Group emblematises business success and outstanding entrepreneurship”. [read more]

Robust Baler Offers Huge Savings

ONE OF THE leading Klein Karoo producers, Boetie Potgieter, is now also a pioneer in his choice of baler technology. The gigantic new Krone BigPack 1270 VFS baler, which he and his sons, Manie and HW, use at Seekoegat in the Volmoed district near Oudtshoorn is unique.

According to Wilhelm du Preez, sales manager of KLEIN KAROO Mechanisation, the baler, which is small enough to be propelled by a 90 kW tractor, is indeed geared for extra big baling. [read more]

Farm Labourers Attend Festival!

During this year’s ABSA Klein Karoo National Arts Festival in Oudtshoorn farmers were afforded the opportunity to bring their workers to the Arts Festival and enjoy a KLEIN KAROO ostrich neck stew at the Garob Village free of charge. The Garob Village was the brainchild of the Oudtshoorn Women In Business (OWIB). It was a unique venue where the culture, history and art forms of the Khoi, the “first peoples in South Africa”, were depicted. The art of story-telling was phenomenal and emotionally moving. [read more]


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