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Brown House Snake

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Brown House SnakeBruin huisslang (Lamprophis fuliginosus)

Size: Length 0,45m-lm.
Colour: Light brown to reddish brown above, or dark brown in old specimens. Underparts off-white. On each side of the head is a prominent, horizontal, silvery line running from the tip of the snout through the eye. These lines may rarely extend along the front half of the body, especially in young snakes.
Habitat: Under debris near human habitation; under stones in rocky areas.

Brown house snakes are among the commonest, and perhaps the most useful, snakes in southern Africa: attracted to areas of human habitation, they readily consume Widespread and commonly found throughout the entire southern African subregion. Frequently spotted in urban areas. those other, less desirable, cohabitants of man mice and rats. They are nonpoisonous and quite harmless to man.

House snakes are powerful constrictors. Large specimens have no trouble killing a rat, which is first seized in the jaws before coils are thrown around it. When the rat is dead, the snake's asphyxiating grip is relaxed and the prey eaten head-first. If the snake's favoured diet is unavailable it will eat frogs, lizards, birds and eggs. The young feed on lizards.

Because of their useful role in eliminating vermin, brown house snakes deserve to be spared, not slaughtered. Their own predators include larger snakes and birds of prey, particularly owls, which hunt them when they're out and about at night.

The female lays her eggs in early summer among vegetable debris, compost or similar decaying matter, and the hatchlings emerge two to three months later.

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