Here the goal is to maintain the high standard of financial planning and investment advice that we offer to our clients.

Complectus Wealth BlueStar understand the importance of choice and flexibility when it comes to planning your financial future.

Clients receives tailored advice that fits their personal needs.

Our clients are also given the freedom to choose between our Sanlam-accredited products and the products from other selected providers.


Complectus Wealth BlueStar financial planners will help you develop a complete financial plan.

This will include information on how to get the amount of cover you need.

How to invest your money based on your individual financial situation, to get the best benefits based on your individual tax structure as well as to ensure that your retirement savings portfolio is properly managed.

Business Owners

It doesn’ matter the size, age or structure, every business carries a risk.

While starting, building and running your own business is undoubtedly a rewarding professional accomplishment.

The challenges faced by a business owner can be complicated and harsh.

At times you may feel as if you’re juggling more than you can comfortably manage.

We offer a comprehensive range of Sanlam-accredited solutions to assist you, the start-up entrepreneur, the business owner as well as the self-employed professional.

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