Since 1945 Klein Karoo International has been the world’s leading producer of ostrich derived goods – leather, feathers and meat. Our story is intertwined with the history of commercial farming of ostriches which started in the 1860’s and led to an economic boom in the Little Karoo region of South Africa – creating wealth and prosperity in this semi-arid region due to the high demand of firstly feathers in European markets


Delicious Ostrich meat is well recognized as a healthy alternative red meat. Klein Karoo International is the world’s foremost producer of Ostrich meat. Our pre-grilled Ostrich range is available 12 months of the year, enabling us to develop a sustainable industry.

This range is seared for tenderness & juiciness, offering a convenient, high quality and food safety complaint product suitable for both retail as well as food service.



Yips & Yaps is suitable for all dogs due to its hypoallergenic properties with no added preservatives


Comes from an export approved abattoir which sources raw material from export registered farms, both following the best animal welfare practices.


Bleach & chemical free


Ostrich is naturally high in protein – refer to the pack nutritional information.


Ostrich is naturally low in Fat, refer to nutritional information.


12 months – store in a cool dry place


The world’s finest ostrich leather comes from the Klein Karoo Region in Oudtshoorn, South Africa, which in turn gives its name to this company, Klein Karoo International Proprietary Ltd.  Klein Karoo Ostrich Leather is synonymous  with exclusivity, uniqueness and sheer luxury.  The unique wearing properties and naturally exquisite feel inevitably invites touching. 

The special character of ostrich leather originates in the unique grain pattern of quills evocative of the beautiful Karoo landscape valley and hills.  Klein Karoo Ostrich Leather is extremely strong, yet soft and easy to work with. 

The accumulation of decades of skills and knowledge applied in the tanning and finishing of our leather makes this versatile leather a unique design material that is only limited by your own imagination.


Today Ostrich feathers are probably most easily associated with the fun and extravagance of the Rio Carnival or the fantastic costumes of the Moulin Rouge in Paris. The fascination with this luxuriant plume actually started centuries ago.

Evidence exits that the people of Ancient Egypt traded in various ostrich products, with wall murals depicting triumphant Pharaohs claiming Ostriches from the conquered nations. Some of the most valued items were Ostrich feathers.


On the southern tip of Africa lies the town of Oudtshoorn, the ostrich capital of the world – where these majestic flightless birds have roamed the plains of this beautiful Klein Karoo district for centuries.

This arid, sunny environment is also known as the home of Klein Karoo International Ltd, the world’s foremost producer of ostrich related products since 1945.

The Klein Karoo company supplies more than 65% of all ostrich meat, leather, feathers and egg shell products found on international markets. The company is also a leader in the game leather industry of South Africa.At Klein Karoo we are excited and passionate about ostrich products and wish to share this majestic bird’s natural beauty and exquisite qualities with you.

Via our exclusive Klein Karoo Ostrich Emporium we cater for world class markets in fashion and personal wear. Our collection of products bearing the “Blue Ostrich” trademark includes handmade and delicately precision-crafted fashion accessories, interior decorations, gifts and curios at affordable prices.


KLEIN KAROO AGRI is a division of Klein Karoo Proprietary Limited, a well-established and diversified agricultural company.
KLEIN KAROO AGRI comprises six retail branches, two service stations and a mechanisation and irrigation department.

We focus on delivering exceptional quality products and customer service in a cost effective way, while also offering competitive prices. We do this by concentrating on well-managed stock control, strict cost awareness, a low overhead cost structure and a strong value system.

The low margins at which KLEIN KAROO AGRI conducts its business should be seen in the light of the fact that our primary business is to provide input requirements needed daily by agricultural operations, but we also stock a wide range of products for the general public, builders, gardeners and DIY enthusiasts.

KLEIN KAROO AGRI’s field of operation includes the Little Karoo area – which is the core of the ostrich industry – with branches in Oudtshoorn, De Rust, Ladismith, Calitzdorp, Prince Albert and Beaufort West. Products and services are delivered to ostrich, vegetable seed, sheep, goat, dairy, cattle, deciduous fruit and field crop farmers.

The rapidly changing and competitive agricultural and business environment requires that we continuously reposition our enterprise in order to remain relevant.

KLEIN KAROO AGRI considers their partnership with producers, customers, suppliers and personnel as very important. Therefore we will remain focused on excellent customer service, development of our personnel and involvement in our communities.  You, our customers, are the foundation of our business. We greatly value your support and loyalty because you are the reason for our existence.


Klein Karoo Seed Production (Pty) Ltd specializes in the production of high quality vegetable, forage, pasture, agronomy and organic seed on a contract basis for seed companies from all over the world. We are based in the Klein Karoo, a fertile valley between the Swartberg and Outeniqua mountain ranges in the Western Cape, South Africa.  We have more than 35 years of experience in seed production and provide an efficient and highly specialized service to our clients.

Therefore we are being regarded as professional partner and preferred seed production company by many international seed companies. Being located in the southern hemisphere, companies in the northern hemisphere regard us as a strategic provider of seed for an all year around seed supply.  Our vegetable seed range includes open pollinated and hybrid varieties such as onion, bunching onion, leek, radish, beetroot, carrot, pumpkin and squash.

We have technologically advanced seed cleaning facilities and a fully equipped ISTA accredited seed testing laboratory. Our well-trained and highly experienced technical production advisors are fully equipped to assist our seed growers and clients.

We are proud of our dedicated team of producers who take special care of every seedling to ensure Hallmark of Quality seed every season.

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