Anysberg Nature Reserve lies in the Little Karoo between Ladismith, Laingsburg, Touwsrivier and Montagu, and is approximately four hours drive from Cape Town. This 64 546 ha reserve offers the visitor some of the most striking scenery in the Karoo as well as fascinating animals and plants and various recreational activities.

Anysberg Nature Reserve was established in 1988 to conserve the local veld type and to eventually re-introduce game species that historically occurred in this region. The landscape alternates from gently undulating terrain and Karoo plains to rugged mountains with steep gorges. The Anys, Touws and Prins Rivers and tributaries of the Gouritz river system, flow through the reserve.

Plants and animals

Anysberg lies within the Cape Fold Mountains and the vegetation is transitional between mountain fynbos and typical Little Karoo veld. The plant life ranges from eye-catching succulents to impressive stands of proteas that occur at higher altitudes.

Mammals include Cape mountain zebra, steenbok. duiker, gems-bok, red hartebeest and numerous other small, shy species. Leopards roam the mountains. Other notable carnivores include black-backed jackal and caracal. Bird-watchers will find this an Geckointeresting locality, with approximately 180 bird species having been recorded. Reptiles are represented by five species of tortoise, boomslang. Cape cobra, puff adder and various other snakes and lizards.

Archaeological and historical sites

Numerous archaeological sites are dotted over the reserve. Bushman paintings depicting scenes from the past and ruins dating from the late I 700s are reminders of the ear[y hunters, farmers and herders who inhabited the area.


Anysberg offers the visitor a choice of several recreational activities. Hikers are most welcome to explore the reserve, although at present no formal trails exist. A two-day guided horse trail with a comfortable overnight stop is an ideal way to see the game and remote areas of the reserve. Mountain bikers may use the jeep tracks which traverse the reserve.


Five cottages, sleeping 20 people in total, may be hired. The cottages have no electricity, but are provided with candles, gas fridges and cooking facilities. Visitors should bring their own food and bedding. Three of the cottages are equipped with bedding. Cottages must be vacated by 10:00 on the day of departure. The lawn near the office complex at Vrede is set aside for tents and caravans. Basic ablution and braai facilities are available for the visitors at the cottages and campsite. Firewood can be purchased on the reserve.

Other information

  • It is advisable to fill up with petrol before driving out to the reserve.
  • The nearest shops are in Laingsburg and Ladismith (70 km).
  • The gate at the main entrance (east) is not locked. However, entrance from Montagu and Touws River must be arranged with the reserve office. These entrances are only suitable for high clearance vehicles.
  • Summer months can be uncomfortably hot.
  • Current tariffs are available from the address below.


All hiking, horse-riding, mountain hiking, accommodation and camping should be booked at:
Breede River Bookings
PO Box 66
Tel: (028) 425 5020
Fax: (028) 425 5030
E-mail: dehoopinfo@sdm.dorea.co.za


The Manager
Anysberg Nature Reserve
Private Bag X117
Ladismith 6655
E-mail: anysbcrg@mweb.co.za
Tel: (023) 5511922 (office manned on a temporary basis)

Website: www.capenature.co.za


Source: Cape Nature