Jenna Business Systems have been selling and supporting the Retail and Hospitality Business with Casio Cash Registers (Tills) and IQ Retail Point of Sale solutions (P0S) for a number of years. We can supply hardware and software to all parts of South Africa as well as adjacent countries.

In addition, under the name “The IT Lady”, we can provide technical help to people or businesses with desktops, laptops as well as mobile devices. These devices exhibit everyday problems such as speedup, cleanup, internet connection issues as well as virus removal.

Commitment comes easy when you believe in what you are doing. JBS has experience in the hospitality and retail business in service, support and maintenance for Cash Registers and IQ point of sale business management solutions.

JBS also provides help with personal computer or laptop problems to clear viruses, install software, speed up slow computers, recover and archive data, as well as to repair or replace failed items such as keyboards, screens and hard drives.

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. We only supply the best machines and systems for your business. Sturdy machines built for the rigours of hospitality and retail environments.

JBS is in regular contact with our Head Office suppliers and our Product knowledge is constantly being expanded with new training courses.

Extremely knowledgeable technical staff with 16 years experience of IT services, cash registers as well as the retail industry.

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