The hotel with its distinctive colonial atmosphere is situated in the heart of Oudtshoorn’s tourist area – Baron van Reede Street.

  • The Queen’s Hotel is the third oldest hotel in South Africa.
  • It was built in 1880.
  • The original building was made of stone and had a thatched roof.
  • The first owner was Mr Ford.
  • Mr Ford was shortly followed up by Mr Stokkam.
  • This was roundabout 1885.
  • The third owner was a famous Oudtshoorn personality, Mr Johnny Bawden. He was born in Ireland in 1856 Moved to Oudtshoorn in 1881 Major. John Bawden attended the Betsjoeanaland Expedition. He was in charge of the “Oudtshoorn Home guard” during the Anglo Boere War The Queen’s Medal was awarded to him, this is where the Queen’s Hotel Got it’s name from originally in 1886.
  • He managed the hotel until 1913 when he passed away.
  • He was followed up by his son-in-law, Mr F Cilliers.
  • He managed the hotel until 1938 and sold the hotel to Mr Schmidt.